My visit to Xanadu of India, Kashmir – Part 3

Happy Friday everyone !

Hope you guys are doing well. I am back and here’s presenting third part of the blog… 😊

DAY 3: I woke to a partial sunny-cloudy day. I like sunny days in chilly weather but this time I was super happy because it was chance of snowfall due to cloudy weather. I looked out from my window, the picturesque lake view, cloudy sky and smiled. I got ready, had delicious breakfast, shot some pictures and headed to Gulmarg.I wore high neck long flat knit sweater, black stockings paired with black lace up boots. I throwed on a knitted stole and a grey black striped shrug to style the look.Srinagar to Gulmarg is an hour drive but the drive wasn’t exhausting at all as we were busy admiring the beauty around us. It can’t be explained in words, I was feeling as if I was entering into the heaven. Have a look !We reached Gulmarg around 1 pm, the weather was very chilly. We rested for an hour, put on warm clothes (many layers 😉) and stepped out for Gondola ride. I wore this Black long overcoat and underneath it, I wore grindle flat knit rib dress, full sleeve tee and warmer. I wrapped knitted stole around my neck. We walked down to the Gondola ticket counter and took tickets for Kungdoor. We were enjoying gondola ride and suddenly it started to snow. I became happy to the next level as I had never seen snowfall before. We were gazing at the mesmerising beauty of nature and reached Kungdoor. I am a nature lover but you have to listen to your tummy first ? So, we went straight to the restaurant there and had famous Kashmiri Pulao. Kashmiri Pulao was delicious and is a must try. The food, the view and the ambience everything was just perfect. We stayed there for few hours, took some photos and enjoyed snowfall.We returned from Kungdoor to Gulmarg by sledge in snowfall only and as usual I forgot to carry my beanie in that minus temperature. On the way back to Gulmarg, we stopped in between where shepherd houses were covered with 3 or 4 feet snow and mountains were covered with 10 to 15 feet of snow. After spending such amazing fun evening, we got back to the room. The day had been quite long but very fulfilling. 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading the post. Stay tuned for the last part of the blog !




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